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My Christmas Project

It’s fair to say that Christmas can get a bit expensive at times, and if you are like me, every year looking to get creative around this time of the year, I got the perfect solution for you. Window decorating! The best part, an all-year-round method of making your windows look more interesting, fun and vibrant, during Christmas, Halloween, Easter or any other holiday you fancy celebrate

I know, it’s a bit too late. Christmas has passed, the presents have been handed, the trees are dried, and the decorations are back into their boxes. Even so, I can't see any reason why I can’t talk about what I think was my best 2020 Christmas decorating idea.

I got inspired by a good friend, who also happens to be an artist. She does it for a living from time to time. Painting windows for shops, on various occasions. I gave her a call, asked her for some tips and recommendations on paint and techniques, and I was all set up and ready to paint my way into Christmas.

A few days later, with my set of chalk markers, lots of imagination, patience and some good old Classic Jazzy Christmas songs I transformed my house into a winter wonderland.

I filled the kitchen windows with so many flakes; I honestly could not see out the windows anymore. The bedroom window looks out into the high street. Not a shabby view, since our bedroom is on the fourth floor, especially during the sunset when the cityscape creates an incredible view. But it was Christmas. I needed a forest view for a change! Some trees, a deer and a half-moon, seemed like a perfect set out.

But at the end of the day, nothing compares to the little city, from our living room.

It made my holidays' countdown so much more bearable. Every morning, while drinking my coffee and getting ready for work, the sun would rise above the tiny white city, giving me hope and joy.

And in case you were wondering, I got my markers from Amazon with less than £10, and I love them! The different sizes and shapes makes them easy to use and allows me to play with different drawing styles. They are incredibly easy to wipe off with just a damp cloth, and the paint itself has high opacity making it visible from outside, day or night!

So next time you have the opportunity, give it a try! Just let you imagination run free. And if you have friends, kids, or a partner in crime, it's even better. It's so much fun!

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