Born and raised in Romania, I’ve spent most of my teenage years dreaming of the day when I'll pack my bag and go explore this big, beautiful world that we call home.

A couple of years after getting my architect qualification while working as a freelance architect, my long-lasting wish for opportunity came true.

It was a cold, damp, autumn morning when I received a phone call from one of my dearest friends. She wanted to talk, to vent, she got fired and told me that she had enough of Romania. She wanted to move. Anywhere. But she was too scared to do so by herself. She didn’t even know where and how to start. She seemed quite distressed. I tried to calm her down, to talk her out of it. It was only when the conversation ended, after I hang up, that I realized this whole time I was trying to talk her out of leaving the country when that was exactly what I wanted to do. A few days later, plenty of research done and hours of talking myself into it, I called my friend. We decided to try our luck in the big city, move to London. Long story short four months later, we set foot on British soil for the first time in a leap of faith.

And just for the record, we landed on Luton airport. Not the best first impression I would say.

Years later, done a bit of travelling as wanted, still living in London, still loving this multicultural, vibrant city.

However, as an old saying goes “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”.

When I decided to move to London, the most exciting thing for me was its professional opportunities. But after more and more years working in the field, I realized that working as a full-time architect, even in a big city like London, is not as rewarding as I thought it might be. Not because I don’t enjoy working in the field, but because I only enjoy a very few specific stages of a project. And those are the design stages. The excitement of creating a space, designing a site, a building, an elevation, a layout. That’s what I enjoy. But you can’t have a rainbow without the rain!


Or can I?

It took a pandemic, some lookdowns and much free time for me to accept that maybe it’s time to put on my grown-up girl trousers, and take another leap of faith, not only with architecture but with all of my lost and forgotten skills. Maybe throw in some new skills, why not?

So, I cleaned the dust off my brushes, pencils and paints. I brought up my canvases and papers and started to practice again after a very long break. For silly reasons, that I will talk about in future blog posts, I invested in a DSLR camera, and haven’t regretted since. I started designing this website to create a place where I can make all of my work visible, hoping that soon enough, I will enjoy the rain so much I won’t even care about the rainbow. 

My goal - to have my own small architectural studio, travel as a freelance photographer and showcase my art in galleries!

This is my new project, a work in progress, but so is life.

Thank you for taking the time to read

I hope it inspires you to never give up, never be scared to do whatever makes you happy